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We are passionate about Pilates. In Pilates, we add a deeper level of training by creating instability in the body and forcing the stabilizing muscles to activate. This method adds an entirely new level of strength to traditional training -- not by building big muscles, but by increasing muscle fiber in a beautiful way and by activating those stabilizing muscles that we do not use enough in everyday life.

Reformer / Tower Class - This one hour class strengthens core stability and peripheral mobility by utilizing a moving carriage and a system of adjustable springs, straps and pulleys.

Spin/Reformer Class - A perfect combination of cardio via 30 minutes of spinning followed by an intense 30 minute Pilates reformer class.

Pilates Privates, Duets & Trios - Come in for a one hour private to receive individual training on our equipment from one of our Certified Pilates Instructors, or bring a friend or two for group rate equipment classes.

In addition to the traditional apparatus you will find in a fully equipped Pilates studio,Trio Life Fitness has brought in three new, cutting-edge pieces of equipment: The Avalon Chair, The Avalon Barrel.


Bee Cave Yoga Classes

BASI Pilates is coming to Trio April 2014 for the first of a three weekend Comprehensive training course.
Sign up at www.basipilates.com now!

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Bee Cave Pilates Studio
Bee Cave Pilates Classes

We are the only Pilates studio in the area to offer Triofit, Barre, Kettlebell, UGI Ball, Rebounding, Pilates and Spinning classes as a part of your membership.

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